Продукти / Products
ATLAS  Communications
- Real-time and passive GPS tracking devices for vehicles, trucks,
commercial fleets, equipment, assets and people
Personal GPS Tracker
- Mobile GPS Tracking system and navigation software
- GPS Tracking and mapping solution
VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal, Complete Ku-Band portable
and ultra portable satellite terminal,
Transportable Satellite Terminals
- Ku-Band Tx/Rx antennas from 0.95 meter Ellipticals to 3.8 meter
- C-Band
Transmit / Receive VSAT antennas from 1.8 to 3.8 meters
- C-Band Receive only antennas in sizes from 1.2M to 4.5M
Mobile Antenna Systems for Maritime and Terrestrial applications
from all brands
- X-Band Transmit Receive Antenna Systems
- C-band, Ku-Band and X-Band feeds for Rx-Only and Tx/Rx VSAT
Antenna Controllers, Single and Dual Axis, Remote and
Jog Control Systems for antennas
Wireless Ruters and Satellite Modems, Access Points and Bridges,
Antennas and Accessories
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